Get Tubs Full Of Guilt-Free Vegan Ice-Creams Home Delivered From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

If you are lactose intolerant or vegan and love ice-creams, the options are limited, but Dittoo Vegan ice creams will solve that for you. Find handcrafted dairy-free ice cream made out of coconut milk, jaggery and fresh fruits that taste ditto like regular ice-creams. Each batch of ice-cream is freshly made with organic ingredients and delivered to your doorstep. The creamy texture of the vegan ice-creams is achieved with the use of full-fat coconut milk that is chosen with the utmost care. The brainchild of Nithyashree, Deeksha and Vignesh, Dittoo was born out of the search for dairy-free, soy-free, healthy and natural ice creams in the city.

Find classic flavours such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and if you are looking for something special they stock up on flavours such as rosemary lime, banana spirulina, beetroot and lavender. They also make natural ice-creams out of apples, banana, custard apple, strawberry, avocado, jackfruit and mango. You can call them and place the order of your choice of ice-creams and they'll deliver it at your doorstep. They deliver all across Bangalore and make sure to place the order three days in advance as it made with 100 percent natural ingredients. You can taste their ice creams at Go Native and Enerjuvate cafe in the city. 

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500

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