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This Centuries Old Banyan Tree On The Outskirts Of The City Makes For A Great Picnic Spot

    Uttarahalli, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’re a Game Of Thrones buff, you’ve probably loved the scenes that involved the beautiful weirwood tree located in the heart of Winterfell. While it might be difficult to find lush woods in the city, you can actually make a road trip off it and head to Big Banyan Tree (or Dodda Aalada Mara in Kannada), right off Mysore Road and have a merry day, Enid Blyton-style. Just like the weirwood tree in GOT, this one is pretty old – over 400 years, actually! It covers three acres and is said to be the largest banyan tree in Karnataka, and the fourth largest in the entire country. The government has actually enclosed the space to turn it into a shaded park. You’ll find here benches to sit and relax, and picnic away. Be cautious with your belongings, though as the tree is home to plenty of monkeys.

    There are direct buses to Dodda Aalada Mara from KR Market. Alternatively, you can catch a bus from Majestic to Kengeri, and then from Kengeri to Dodda Aalada Mara. A small drive some 10 kilometres further down the road will take you to the stunning Manchanabele reservoir. Access to the bank is restricted, though. 


    Locals believe that the area is haunted by evil spirits. We don’t know if this is true or not, but the atmosphere does look eerie during dusk hours and at night! 

      Uttarahalli, Bangalore