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Having A Ruff Time? Call Charlie And Friends Home For Unlimited Doggo Cuddles

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Heard of dog therapy? If yes, TherPup – Dog Cafe is doing exactly that by bringing its uber adorable pooches to your home, office, schools, or anywhere you want, for a day of fun, cuddles, kisses, and more.

What Makes It Awesome

The guys at TherPup are spreading doggo love and we can’t get enough of it. Their Supercharge program is the furriest thing ever — bringing puperoos to drive away those Monday blues, bust that stress away, and basically, be covered in fur and slobber. We don’t know about you, but we think cuddling a puppy during office hours is the best thing ever! In fact, while we were reading up on dog therapy and watching adorable videos of the same, we read on multiple forums that playing with doggies can reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, and release endorphins apparently. The last one happens usually when you are petting, ruffling or basically curling up with a dog. Now, you know why you have that calming effect when you are petting away a pupper to happiness.

Cuddle, pet, eat, repeat — that’s the mantra that TherPup wants you to say when Charlie, Jack, Goldie, Mojo, Lilly or the four fluffballs -- Freddy, Candy, Eddy, and Teddy -- come slobbering to you. The process is quite simple. You select your location (office, school, home, hospital, or anywhere), then the date you want them doggos over, select your favourite doggo(s) and post-confirmation, you’ll have them visiting you on the said date. It’s as easy as ruffling a pup. Oh, and you can even pre-order food and snacks from TherPup and have them when you are having a doggy date.


If you are clueless about who to have for our doggy date, we recommend Charlie who's an absolute heartbreaker with almost everyone asking for him, while Mojo has the squishiest face we have ever squished. Don’t let us even get started on Jack and Lilly, or the four fluffballs!