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A Sweet Date with Dolci

    Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore


    The tiny but oh-so pretty cafe has won our hearts with its excellent desserts {everything is vegetarian here}, fresh breads and thin crust pizzas.


    The Six-Layered Chocolate Cake, Burnt Lemon Tart, Oreo Cheesecake and the Mediterranean pizza


    Lemonade and Cold Coffee

    Dolci and more

    The desserts here are the superstars even though Dolci does equally good savoury snacks and bites such as sandwiches {their sun dried tomato one is a favourite} and Chilli Cheese Toast {really fiery with green chillies and stringy cheese on good bread}. We also recommend ordering in the thin crust Mediterranean pizza with the goodness of artichokes from PizzaStop {their sister concern} next door.

    The sweet spot

    But let’s just shift focus back on the dessert bay. Dolci’s six-layered chocolate cake is what Joey from Friends might have described as “eating little drops of heaven.” Six distinct layers of chocolate go hand-in-hand with cream, spongy cake and icing. The Burnt Lemon Tart with its slightly charred caramelised top and the rich, salty Oreo Cheesecake are our go-to treats here. Before you leave don’t forget to pick up some fresh baked bread such as the Sundried Tomato and Olive Focaccia and Pesto Dinner Rolls {a pack of four}.

    The DL on the ambience

    The cafe is really tiny, but makes up for it with its light airy atmosphere, wooden floors and the heavenly smell of baking. The al fresco space offers colourful wooden benches and tables with plant life adding some relief to the scheme of things.

    So, we’re thinking…

    Perfect for an after dinner dessert fix or an evening snack or actually, any time of the day, Dolci’s sweet treats have our hearts.

    Where: Ali Asker Road, off Cunningham Road

    When: 10am-10pm

    Contact: 080 40977132

    Price: INR 40 upwards

    Find them on Facebook here.

    Check out their website here.

      Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore