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    Want A Kinky Cake? Or A Quriky Surprise? This Cool Company Will Dazzle

    Nirja posted on 01 June


    Dotted i is your one-stop-shop for themed party ideas, funky merchandise and personalised gifts. Now, they even plan surprises!

    From The Stage To The Store

    When event consultant Naadia Mirza was given praise for her taste and creativity, she decided to launch a store with A-Z solutions, from baby showers to bachelorettes, and everything you need for superhero-themed parties {except the cape}. Apart from party decor, Dottedi also has gourmet delights like personalise cakes, themed cupcakes and fun hampers. No, really they’ll follow the theme to the T. Think a pole dancer for a bachelors do or a six-pack donning torso for a ladies night. Plus, cutesy ones like Hawaii, Snow White or a Louis Vuitton one for the shopaholic.

    Team Bride

    For those planning bachelorette parties, make the bride feel extra special with feather boas, sashes and tiaras. Dottedi goes the extra mile and has plenty of gifting options like personalised wine bottle labels, quirky shot glasses, badges and risque truth and dare cards. Dottedi also puts creativity at another level with their gourmet section, with their rather cheeky assortment of cakes and cupcakes. Watch out boys!

    Unbox With Style

    If you are looking for something not so out of the box – check out their vintage collection of gift boxes and trunks. Sepia toned maps on travel boxes, circular trunks with Victorian flowers and striped gift boxes.

    Delicious Surprises

    If want to say it with love, better yet say it with food. Or a surprise. They have recently launched a host of surprises in various categories – for the couch potato, gift them the junk food hamper loaded with all things tasty like pringles, chocolates and biscuits. For the seasoned palate, try the Mediterranean hamper with grapes, olives and cheese. We all have a friend who is ever ready for chai, then the tea time hamper is perfect with an adorable kettle and selection of teas. For something out of the box, if your loved one is crazy about golgappas, then the Dottedi team has a ‘100 Golgappa’ surprise where they deliver 100 gol gappas to your doorstep. If you want to really surprise {read: shock} someone, book the Boot Camp one. They’ll get a personal trainer to arrive at your soon-to-be-former friend’s place, and do a solid 1.5 hour workout! If you’re pal is a fitness fan, then you’re safe. If not, we have nothing to so with you. Bye! But there’s also a hamper with healthy stuff in it. So there’s  hope!

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