We Are Seeing Double: Bangaloreans, Double Decker Buses Are Making A Comeback Soon

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All Hands On The Double Deck

Bangaloreans, we bring you some fun news, especially if you are into public Transport. Apparently, five double decker buses are set to hit the roads by the end of this year. And according to BMTC, this is a move to boost tourism and bring back the Garden City’s past glory. Taking the heavy traffic into account, BMTC is going ahead with the plan because they want to ” help children and youths remember the past glory the city and get to know Bengaluru better.” These buses will be plying on bigger roads that are free from the Metro service.

For all you 90s kids who were born and brought up in Bangalore, you might remember seeing double-decker buses on road till 1998. And these buses plied in the city in the Majestic, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Shivajinagar, and KR Market areas. Currently, the BMTC has one double-decker bus which is used for display purposes only.

This article was first reported in Bangalore Mirror. You can read the full the story here.