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Reverse Recipe Psychology: This Indian App Lets You Cook Based On The Ingredient

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What Makes It Awesome

You've discovered a fantastic recipe. Your mind's blown. But that's where the amazement ends. No ingredients for you to cook and recreate at home, that's why. Don't you wish you could go Masterchef with what you have in the kitchen? Thanks to a semi stocked fridge in 2015, and a bunch of hungry flatmates, RecipeBook was born, and you now can. An app which makes cooking less intimidating thanks to its seamless technology, it may come off as a recipe discovery platform (which it also is) but RecipeBook is so much more!

The app has dishes curated by its users (so it's tried and tested) from different cuisines like Indian, Mexican, Arabian, American and Indonesian. The USP of RecipeBook however, is the, 'Shake n Make' feature through which users can choose ingredients and condiments they have at hand, and shake their phone to get a list of suitable recipes. It also provides details such as calories and nutrition quantities, and cooking time. If you're the recipe king/queen of the fam, RecipeBook allows you to share recipes. 

Check out the 'Snap n Cook' option too. It allows you to pick a picture from your gallery or shoot one of the ingredients you have and the app will identify them through image recognition and then suggest recipes. It currently can identify about 600 varieties of fruits, vegetables and meat. For easy future cooking, add ingredients of recipes you wish to try out to an in-app shopping list (supported offline too).


RecipeBook is available to download on Android and iOS for free. The cooking instructions come in short easy to grasp steps so, yay. In the future, RecipeBook claims to introduce augmented reality in its app. Much like PokemonGo but for food, cannot wait.