Ten-Second Takeaway

Celebrity cosmetic physician Dr Jamuna Pai’s popular SkinLab makes its way to Bangalore from Mumbai, bringing with it Medi-Facials, anti-oxidant therapy, laser treatments and even skin brightening and anti-aging services. We checked out the clinic and got their Facial Hydration Treatment. Here’s what we think.

Mumbai To Bengaluru

Dr Jamuna Pai launched SkinLab in Mumbai and after 22 years {and a change in brand name as it was formerly Blush}, she is recognised as one of India’s best skincare specialists. She’s even the official skincare consultant for Femina Miss India. Whether you want to treat your acne, get rid of unwanted hair or reduce wrinkles, this SkinLab does it all. Needless to say, it’s not easy to get an appointment with Dr Pai herself, and even when you do, it comes at quite a high price. Worth it, but if you can’t swing a personal appointment, then you have the next best thing — her team of doctors {trained by her} and aestheticians at the Bangalore outlet.

On The Surface

After a very detailed assessment of my skin {based on my lifestyle and medical history}, I was led to a treatment room to meet the aesthetician for the Facial Hydration Treatment. It kicked off with some cleansing, followed by a fruity-but-chemical de-tan mask {that my olfactory senses didn’t quite appreciate thanks to the harsh fumes it released}. This was followed by a whitehead extraction process, which was, mercifully, not half as painful as I had dreaded.

What came later fascinated me enough to Google immediately — the High Frequency Treatment. From treating acne to reducing wrinkles {yes, it’s done thing}, this one’s quite a versatile procedure. In my case it was for the acne and the uneven skin tone. The treatment, though rather relaxing, heats up the skin quite considerably, so my face was quickly covered with cold sponged! Quite rejuvenating for the skin, apparently. My curiosity was triggered again with the Oxyblast Oxymachine {don’t panic, it’ll blast compressed oxygen on your face} that was used to let the previously applied Vitamin C Hydration Serum seep into my skin. Then, as icing on the cake, I was treated to a relaxing massage after which, my face {including my eyelids and lips} was smeared with a thick brightening mask. To wrap it all up, SkinLab’s Day Cream was applied on my face for protection from the sun and pollution.

The Verdict

While the use of so many equipments and non-natural elements was slightly intimidating, I still came out happy, with refreshed, supple skin. Although my blemishes didn’t disappear {but then again, it’s not magic}, they were much lighter and the tan on my skin was reduced as well. And let’s just say, being au naturel never felt so satisfying.

Where: 2nd Floor, The Rack, Vittal Mallya Road

Price: INR 1,500 upwards

Contact: +91 7259200200 or e-mail bangalore@skinlab.in

Timings: 10am-7pm

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.