Elections Are Almost Here And Here Are The Dry Days That You Need To Keep In Mind

Sreepathy posted on 23 March

The 17th Lok Sabha Elections are nearing (it starts on Thursday, April 11 if you didn't know) and with that comes election day dry days. Bangalore's getting four dry days during this period, and it's when the state goes into its voting phase. On Tuesday, April 16, bars will stop serving alcohol from 6 pm onwards. And on Wednesday, April 17, it's going to be a full dry day, so that means all your favourite bars will have their shutters down. And that includes wine and spirits shops too. On Thursday, April 18, the dry day ends around 6 pm, once the elections are over. The next dry day will be on Thursday. May 23 when the votes will be counted. It'll be on for the entire day.