Dukaan: An Online Lifestyle Store That Encourages Slow Living

    Navya posted on 23 April


    ‘Buy less, but buy better’, that’s the sentiment the folks behind Dukaan, an online store, would like to promote through their range of aesthetically appealing home decor and lifestyle products.

    Simplicity In Design

    Aakash Kedia and Kevat Padh met in design school in Bangalore. The visual designers in the making, soon discovered their mutual love for simple designs that were stunning to look at. They were also bound together in their love for minimalist but wholesome living but found that quality products that lasted a lifetime, look great, and were functional were sorely missing from the market. Which is why they launched Dukaan while still working for their degree.

    Launched in 2013, Dukaan’s product lineup includes cushion covers, duvets, bags, laptop sleeves, and stationery that you can order off their Facebook page {if you like something, you can write to them or call them and they’ll send over the product to you}. The brand is also launching a dedicated online store in May and looks to open shop in other cities too.

    What’s In Store?

    A cursory glance at their Facebook page, and you’ll know exactly what Kedia and Padh mean when they talk about simplicity packing a punch. Nothing on the Dukaan page is OTT, nor does it follow blindly a trend that’s popular in the market. What you get are appealing patterns that are will never go out of style and are yet out of the ordinary. Take for example the notebooks, they come in unusual shapes {triangles and small squares, for example}, and yet you won’t have a hard time using them or you won’t have to worry about them taking up too much space in your bag.

    We also love their bags. They have simple totes and gorgeous looking striped carry ons {many of them crafted from faux leather} that reek of style. The duvets too will brighten up your bedroom. Many of them feature plain, subtle patterns like checks or polka dots on one side, while the other side is splash of colour {think bright oranges and yellows}.

    Where: You can find their products here.

    Price: INR 250 to INR 2,500

    Contact: Mail them at or call them at +91 9663926877 or +91 8884307145

    Find them on Facebook here.

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