You Can Now Count On Dunzo For More Things With Their Subscription Service That Delivers For Free

    Aakanksha posted on 12 April

    After a few years of being an on-demand service that has rescued at least 50 per cent of the city by delivering, buying, shopping for something or the other, Dunzo has now launched a subscription service. The task-management app now gives you the opportunity to get faster {and free} delivery within three kilometres. There’s a cap of 30 tasks a month, but that means one a day. Surely you don’t need more than that, eh? All you need to do is update the app now. No really, NOW! There were only a set amount of updates that get you DunzoX. When we got it, there were only 132 left, to take the app on a spin. You pay INR 299 for a month, and your tasks will be free for the stipulated time, and within 30 for the month. Each user who gets DunzoX also gets five invites to share with friends and family.

    As soon as we updated it, we were ready and raring, so naturally, we ordered ice cream. True to their word, it was free, and more prompt than usual as it’s also a location priority update. If you’re a busy person who needs little things taken care of. Then this one is certainly very economical. Just be smart enough to ensure your tasks are within three kilometres from the delivery spot.

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