Banoffee Pie And Hot Chocolate With A Side Of Art From This Cozy Home Style Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome

Bringing art, food and beverages under one roof in a beautiful, old bungalow, the Dyu Art Cafe is just as perfect for those lazy afternoons. Renovated to include an upper floor with similar seating, the cafe boasts of an open courtyard, greenery, cemented seats, gabled roof and oxide flooring, much like an old, Kerala-style house. Whether you want to sit back with a book or have a long conversation over cups of coffee, the relaxed ambience is ideal. What’s more, plenty of artworks (by city-based as well as foreign artists exhibited free of charge) all around to gawk at or a shelf of books to pick from while you tuck into the food. 

The menu here includes salads, breakfast dishes, sandwiches and desserts (all made in-house with fresh ingredients) with pizzas (you can get half and half upon request), pastas and steaks among the new additions. Plus a long list of drinks to choose from! The Chicken Melt Sandwich here is a winning combination of brown bread packed with tender chicken chunks and cheese. We’re also fans of their Vegetable Stroganoff which is filling as it is wholesome. However, if you want a little starter to get things going, have their Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms that come golden fried and are served with a cooling tartare and sweet chilli sauce. 

Ask any regular at Dyu and they’ll insist that you not leave without trying their signature Chocolate Cake (served with rich chocolate sauce) or a slice of their homemade Banoffee Pie, which is an all-time favourite (so, don’t be surprised if they run out of it). For drinks, the press coffee  is just as refreshing as their Cold Coffee – iced espresso served with milk and sugar, so you can make it just the way you like, hot or cold. We love that they get their tea leaves right from Munnar, served in a steaming pot with lemon and honey. 

DYU Cafe is now open for dine-in. They all have taken all measures to ensure you have a safe experience. If you'd still like to order in, you can do that too.

With Inputs from Roshni Jacob


The artwork changes every few months, and you can usually meet the artist as well.