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Caramel Mysore Pak To Single-Malt Whiskey: These Artisanal Chocolate Bars Have Got Us Drooling

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    Mysore-based chocolatiers Earthloaf, have won us over with their range of delectable bean-to-bar dark chocolate. And they’ve now come out with four new flavours for us to gorge on. Curated for the India Story Design exhibition held in Kolkata, their range features notes of wood, floral, citrus and caramel. Sold in a combo of all four new flavours, for a price of INR 1,195 you’ll get to bite into Mysore Pak Nouveau, which has caramel undertones, American Barrel Aged, a whiskey-infused number, Caramalised Mosambi Sweet Lime & Caraway, with a hint of citrusy freshness and a bar of Sandalwood & Jasmine dark chocolate.

    We can’t wait to nibble on the American Barrel Aged bar that is made with cacao aged in American oak whiskey barrels that once stored bourbon and single-malt spirit. And the Mysore Pak Nouveau has us drooling. If Earthloaf had anything to do with this dark chocolate bar, we’re sure it’ll be an interesting {and delicious} spin on the classic mithai. Come on, it’s like a dream flavour — chocolate and Mysore Pak!

    You can buy the India Story Pack online from their website

      Available Online