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Plain Jane To Glam Pad: How To Add More Colour To Your Bedroom In 7 Steps

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Your kingdom at home is your bedroom, period. Which means, it's got to look the part! Boring is definitely not welcome and while neutrals and minimalism as concepts are nice, a pop of colour can really breathe life into and add a good helping of fun to this personal space/pad. Bright and vivid tones/shades are also proven to instantly uplift and affect moods positively. From a decor POV, colour can really open up a space and draw attention to important details. 

Need more convincing? Just take a minute, look around and you will realise the desperate need to transform and add more colour and character to your bedroom. How to though? In 7 easy steps listed in this cool guide. Do not think of this as hectic redecoration, in fact, all you will need are the usuals - linen, cushions, curtains, accents but from specific brands and with helpful tips and tricks from us. Believe us, with just these essentials in different colour schemes you can basically modify how your bedroom looks every few weeks without breaking into a sweat. Shall we, then? Don't forget to save and share this post once you're done reading.

Step 1: Jazz Up The Floor With Patterned Rugs

Amoli Concepts

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Rugs are usually an afterthought in the bedroom, but we say think of it first and put it front and center. Simply because a cool patterned rug in a striking colour(s) catches the eye almost instantly and sets the mood and layout for the room too. If yours is a small bedroom pick a smaller accent rug like this blue printed, hand tufted wool area rug or this boho-styled jute braided round rug for a more fun patterned and coloured option. Larger bedrooms need large area/statement rugs to serve as a focal point for the entire space, like this stunning multicoloured hand-woven tufted rug or this gristle brown luxury hairon leather carpet. Brands like Dazzhome, Saraswatii Global and Amoliconcepts also list out sizes like 3ftx5ft, 60x36, 72x48 or S and M for ease in choosing. The empty floors and plain spaces in your bedroom will now thank you for this upgrade. 

If you want to explore more quirky/patterned or printed colourful rug and carpet options, we have an entire list here and a whole Shop On LBB section too!

Step 2: Decorate The Bed Only With Quirky Bed Sheets

One quirky bed sheet is pretty much all you need to transform your bedroom into a colourful space. It is afterall, the only element that covers the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom - your bed! Give neutral bedding amiss for this familia mi casa bedsheet (available as double and single) from Over A Pint Of Beer. This brand is known for its offbeat covers that boast bright colours (think blues and yellows) and abstract line drawings. For variety in both colours and prints, check out brands like SWHF and Sleeping Owls too. We're particularly digging this striped cotton and satin king-size bedsheet in lavender. For more vibrant ethnic styles (you know, if that's the vibe of your home too), definitely shop from Cotton Lanes or the Curio Cottage.

Shop On LBB only stocks high-quality cotton bed sheets from the above-mentioned brands and more. Be sure to check for sizing. For more quirky bed sheet options, head here.

Step 3: Spice Things Up With Fun Cushion/Pillow Covers

Halfway Home

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An easy way to constantly add and change colours in the bedroom is to swap cushion covers everyday/week/month and definitely mix and match. Cushions give you that freedom to play around. But don't stick to drab and minimal, not when you have labels like Halfway Home, Mati Maison and Lushhomes adding colour to homes tastefully. You can create a whole look/aesthetic by pairing together neutral covers with colourful throw pillows. Like we mentioned, marry and blend either different patterns, styles and colours or play with shapes and sizes of pillows to achieve a standout look. Switching up and elevating your bedroom's colour palette aside, cushion covers are also cheaper to replace rather than change bedding or wall colours periodically.

Shop On LBB has several affordable options and you check out this list too, for a more curated version of the same and to introduce yourself to new homegrown brands. 

Step 4: Throw In Some Colourful Bed Throws & Add Texture

Sashaa World

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If a bed sheet and cushion cover are too much of a commitment or a little too much colour for your liking, you can still keep these neutral and introduce colours and textures with cute bed throws. This smallish blanket is functional and stylish and such a great way to bring the bedroom alive. We're smitten by this rust chenille throw from Sashaa World and this flamingo-printed throw from Awards Velvets. You also don't have to worry about going overboard with bed throws, just pick one solid colour and either keep it on your bed at all times or pick an offbeat, printed version and leave it on for only a short period of time. 

Find geometric prints, tasseled, multicoloured, striped and many more versions of throws on The LBB Shop here

Step 5: Don't Shy Away From Playful Curtains


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Landing the right set of curtains, we're talking in terms of colours, patterns and designs will brighten your bedroom in a way like no other. This is another element that can be switched and played with over time. To us some transformational and vibrant but not overbearing curtain choices would be this printed voile curtain corsica in navy from The Shop and this handwoven kesh kantha work curtain in bottle green from ArtEastri. Brands like HOME, Zeba and Bunko Junko have some cool curtain options too, some with hatke patch work detailing.

To help cut this lengthy and tricky process of finding the perfect curtains by half, here are more curtain choices and brands.

Step 6: A Wall Accent Or Two To Transform The Walls


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The walls are often forgotten when decorating the bedroom, but really, they are blank canvases waiting to be spruced with wall art, paintings, dreamcatchers, hangings, frames and so much more. We're recommending you take the vintage route and get this colourful set of 4 distressed wall frames from Yatha. They won't just add character to your bedroom walls while bringing a multitude of colour to it (pink, yellow, blue, green) but also hold your memories. Wall hoops are so hot right now too and they're almost certainly a riot of colours without being too in-your-face. For #somethingdifferent add a little bit of sunshine to your bedroom with this yellow cherry blossom tree embroidered wall hoop from The Tassle Life

Click here for more wall accents - and we mean an overwhelming amount of exciting options for you to choose from.

Step 7: Ambient Lamps Can Bring Colour Too


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Lighting and lamps for the bedroom are a great way of sneaking in colour for mood. Like this gandhar ambient hanging lamp from Nakshikathaa not only adds a beautiful yellow tinge but its pattern also throws beautiful shadows! The Insanitiez Bird Lamp, essentially a table lamp is a great pick too, especially because it comes in colours like red, blue, yellow and green. For more ambient lighting with a dose of colour that can change the entire look of your bedroom, check out brands like Glimmer Lightings, Samoolam and Galiretrovali.

Fairy Lights are a nice way to add colour to the bedroom too, check out this list for more information.


Don't go crazy and add colour to everything in your bedroom. Make informed decisions and mix and match well. Always remember, Yin and Yang! Also, a maximalist home knows how to incorporate colour best, in any room, any corner. So, here's our guide for you to pick a few tips on the use of colour in decor and design.