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Halloumi, Manakish & Labneh: This Middle Eastern Eatery In Kammanahalli Will Spoil You

    St.thomas town, Bangalore


    A tiny eatery on Kammanahalli’s Nehru Road, Eatapita specialises in light, Middle Eastern fare and cheese-loaded pizzas. Their Halloumi, Peri Peri Paneer Pizza, and Labneh & Zaatar Manakish are delicious and come at down-to-earth prices.

    Chow Down

    Halloumi, Labneh & Zaatar Manakish, Peri Paneer Pizza

    Sip On

    Pick from the Bangalore Shake Shop’s menu next door

    Winning For

    They stick to simple, traditional flavours, the friendly service, and great prices.


    Lowdown On The Ambience

    Eatapita is a small space featuring exposed brick walls and also one that’s covered in pretty tiles. The rest of the establishment’s space is occupied by the kitchen {with a wood-fired oven} and a few benches. Best to order in, if you don’t want to wait around when the place is full.

    Hello Halloumi!

    Recently opened, Eatapita is a dine-n-dash sort of establishment. The menu has pizzas, manakish, and pita offerings. On a hot, afternoon, we started off our meal with a Halloumi. The soft pita pocket was stuffed with grilled, slightly salty Halloumi cheese, fresh veggies, and tahini. We must say it made for a lovely summer time dish — light and fresh.

    We then set our sights on the Labneh and Zaatar Manakish. A lot of restaurants in the city now claim to make Manakish, but Eatapita is one of the rare ones that actually offers traditional flavours. The manakish are small in size so make sure you get a couple if you are here only for this. We got thin slices of toasty and crunchy dough that were half covered in zaatar. The herb mix {thyme, oregano, and marjoram} came speckled with sesame and, both, exuded a rich, smoky flavour. The drizzle of olive oil ensured that the manakish wasn’t too dry. The other half was slathered with a creamy and deliciously sour labneh. For those of you who are keen on counting your calories, this is a great alternative to pizza.

    Pizza Perfect

    Quite frankly, we didn’t have many expectations from this place when it came to pizza. But on the insistence of the owner we signed up for the Peri Peri Paneer Pizza. We are happy to report that along with a spectacular pizza, we also ate humble pie. Their pizza flavours are seen in plenty of other joints in town. However, they add a few tweaks and plenty of cheese to smooth over that tiny drawback. The Peri Peri Pizza, for example, was topped with generous chunks of soft paneer and gooey cheese. The sprinkling of gleaming red paprika brought the dish heat and gave it an edge.

    So, We’re Thinking…

    Eatapita deserves a spot on our speed dial list for our pizza binge nights and also for when we want to eat something light. This is a welcome neighbourhood addition, especially considering the prices.


      St.thomas town, Bangalore