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These Plant-Based Home Cleaning Products Are Eco-Friendly & Smell Amazing

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Born Good

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What Makes It Awesome

Born out of a realisation that every effort needed to be made to be ecologically sustainable, Mohit Belani’s Born Good is a brand that makes plant-based home cleaners - from dishwashing gel to almost eight types of laundry detergents. Using essential oils to give the cleaning products a fragrance, all the ingredients are plant-based, said to be gentler on the skin, and don’t destroy your clothes either. Plus, it’s safe for adults, kids and pets alike. 

What I liked about the products are that while they have a distinct fragrance - think Japanese Cypress or Brazilian Rosewood, and they’re not overpowering. Gentle and subtle, it’s almost as if you can smell the freshness, but not be able to put your finger on where it’s coming from. Works wonders for the house, which is why the Turkish Applewood floor cleaner is a top favourite in my household. It comes a close second to the Antimicrobial Performance Detergent. In a family that exercises twice a day, and then chases kids around the house, this liquid detergent really gets rid of all the sweat and grime, without fading the colour of the clothes. It doesn’t even ruin the quality of the clothes despite washing numerous times. I’ve also tried their fabric conditioner. I did so very sceptically, because while the clothes usually come back softer, they also come back almost ready to tear. Not this time though. So now, I am a believer. 

Buy their products individually or as combos. The Bestseller Bundle is named with good reason, and comes with liquid detergent, dishwasher gel, toilet bowl cleaner, floor cleaner and fabric conditioner, for just INR 949. You also get refill packs, so no need to get too many of those plastic bottles. Reuse, reduce and recycle, folks! 

Why They’ve Been Selected For basecamp

Mohit, being a seasoned entrepreneur, brings his years of experience to a great product with a unique proposition. While everyone talks about clean eating and beauty, there is a growing interest in extending that earth-friendly attribute to other categories. We believe there's an opportunity to bring in a similar proposition in the home-care space as well, and Born Good ticks off all those boxes. More so, the products are great quality, and we’ve already seen healthy early traction for the brand and products.