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Concrete Clocks, Terrariums And Clay Refrigerators: Go Green With These Eco-Friendly Decor Brands

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Doing your bit for the planet doesn't mean you need to go primitive in your design aesthetics. Bengaluru's home to a bunch of cool home decor brands that create sustainable, upcycled, and eco-friendly home decor options. From terrariums to key chain holders made from concrete and nifty clay products, keep this list of eco-friendly home decor brands in Bangalore handy whenever you are thinking of revamping your space. 


One of our favourite green decor stores in Bangalore, Unearth specialises in home decor pieces that feature terrariums and other plant life, so pick up handmade terracotta jars and pots that can brighten up your workspace or your kitchen or even your bathroom. It's almost got an IKEA-like aesthetic to it. 

Keep An Eye Out For: Handmade Terracotta Jars

Eco-Clocks Conservation Projects

The brand, in its effort to promote conservation actively, only uses upcycled and recycled materials for their products. You can pick up colourful lampshades made from TetraPaks, trays, paper straws, and key holders made from branches. Basically, if you are going for a very rustic theme to your space, you will find plenty to choose and pick. 

Keep An Eye Out For: Lampshades

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The brand crafts decor pieces such as clocks, pen stands, stationery stands, bowls, and trays of various shapes all made with concrete. Very minimal in design, it's perfect you can instantly get that hipster vibe to your basic walls and corners.  

Keep An Eye Out For: Wall and Table Clocks



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One of the brands we recommend if you are trying to switch to a plastic-free life. They have some really cool offerings in the form of water coolers, tableware, and refrigerators all made from clay. Along with earthy colours, you can also pick up options with some lovely hand-painted designs.  

Keep An Eye Out For: Clay Refrigerator


We have various brands and stores in Bangalore that sells planters, but Zilpkala gets the top picking for the cutesy and whimsical planters. Think cute piggie pots to tiny flowers or honey bees that you can hang from the top. The planters come with plants too — from lucky bamboo to money plants.

Keep An Eye Out For: Piggie Pots

Vrtta Full Circle


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Part of our list on sustainable brands in Bangalore, Vrtta Fullcircle does durable and tasteful home decor such as hanging shelves, trays, tabletops and coasters made from reclaimed wood and TetraPak sheets and boards. Since the boxes used are in various colours, they make for a quirky addition to your decor setting. 

Keep An Eye Out For: Rope Suspended Shelf

Mrs. Potter

Mrs. Potter

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Plants and planters are always welcome at any home and they always naturally spruce up your interiors. This brand sells plants that are just perfect for you based on your location and the amount of time you can devote to these green friends. Their plants can be repotted and the range starts from as low as INR 199. The brand also sells plastic/ceramic planters. Go for their Snake Plant, Areca Palm, ZZ and Philodendron Xanadu. 

Keep An Eye Out For: Snake Plant