A Proposed Ejipura-Hosur Road Flyover Will Make Traffic Jams At Sony World Junction History

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If you have never been stuck for several centuries at the infamous Sony World Junction of Koramangala, then boy you don’t know what it’s to grow old while stuck in traffic. Ask any Bangalorean and they all have a story to tell you about their experience with the junction’s never-ending traffic. Our story is how we had enough time to go order a Crunchy Taco with Fajita Veggies and Ghost Paprika Sauce from Taco Bell next to Sony World Junction. But all that’s going to end soon. According to this report from Bangalore Mirror, there’s going to be a flyover coming up in two years time and it will make the Sony World Junction look more like one of those sleepy lanes of Jayanagar {we are hoping}.

Come this Monday, the long-pending elevated corridor project will finally {YASS} kick off with the BBMP starting work on the 2.4km stretch from Ejipura Main Road to Hosur Road. Upon its completion, commuters will be able to bypass seven chaotic traffic junctions and reach home before they turn 60. According to the reports, “the commute through this bidirectional corridor – from Ejipura Main Road to Hosur Road – will cut travel time by 30 minutes during peak hours.”

The four-lane flyover will start on the Intermediate Ring Road just before Ejipura Junction and reaches to Hosur Road and will bypass three major junctions — Ejipura Main Road – Inner Ring Road junction, Sony World Junction, and Kendriya Sadana Junction — along with four minor junctions. The flyover will have an entry and exit ramp near St John’s Hospital.

This story was first reported in Bangalore Mirror. You can read the full story here.