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Elements Eatery, In Jayamahal, Wins for Delicious Steaks and Easy-Going Vibes


    The only steak house in the Jayamahal-Benson Town area, Elements is a real hidden gem. Where else can you get over 32 kinds of steak, both vegetarian and of the meaty kind?

    Chow Down

    Amigo Steaks

    Sip On

    Coconut Cooler

    Winning For...

    Consistency in flavour — it’s been so good for over a decade now! Plus, beef steaks done right. Win!

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    Like a machan, this one is all about rustic bamboo, earthen seating and a breezy atmosphere, spread across two floors. Go upstairs for casual vibes and bean bags or stay downstairs for booth-style seating and an indoor section.

    Steak Out

    You don’t really go to Elements for anything else but their steaks. So let’s get straight to business. They have this fiery sauce they call Amigo. So whether the base is chicken, fish or lamb, the Amigo Steaks are top-notch here. Poulet Cheesy Steak (chicken grilled with layers of cheese) is quite a novelty, and is perfect for a solid dinner.

    The pepper and mushroom sauces only marginally differ but have the former on the lamb steaks and the mushroom on the beef ones. If you’re daring enough, have Steak Volcano — mad spicy, but a super delicious beef steak. If you’ve got Jughead’s appetite, don’t leave without eating the American Farm House Steak which combines beef and chicken on a single platter. Oh! And it’s drizzled with sausage sauce. Beat that!

    Also On Offer

    Vegetarians, they have about five offerings for you in this section, but our recommendation is the Cottage Cheese and Spinach steak with a tangy and minty sauce. All steaks come with dinner rolls, boiled veggies, herbed rice and a dollop of mashed potatoes, so we recommend skipping starters. We also love that they really pay attention to exactly how you want your steak done. Roast chicken, pastas {great for vegetarians}, starters like satay, croquettes, fries and wings, and basic salads and soups make up the rest of the the menu.

    Drink Factor

    No alcohol here means you’ll have to make do with coolers or sodas. Those who like coconut must try the refreshing Coconut Cooler or the Jamaican Cream (pineapple, orange and coconut juice). Cold coffee and iced tea are safe but good options.

    So, We’re Thinking…

    Although the cutlery and crockery needs a bit of an upgrade, and the tables a round of washing, the food and casual vibes are what will keep us returning