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Visit This Hotel in Sikkim For A Quaint, Colonial-Style Getaway


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    The Elgin Mount Pandim in Pelling used to be the summer retreat of the Royal Family of Sikkim and has now been converted into a hotel. It has a colonial ambience, and offers an impeccable view of the Himalayas. 

    Monsoon Magic

    This property allows you to revel in all the glory that the rain gods bestow on this hill kingdom in the monsoons. The landscape is as lush as a basket of juicy fruits, the waterfalls are gushing with sparkling spring water, and bouquets of whimsical mist float in and out like wandering thoughts.

    The drive to this gorgeous hotel from the capital, Sikkim is especially stunning —while the journey is a bit treacherous and takes its time, you meander through charming local villages, verdant tea gardens and awe-inspiring rainforests.

    As you reach by dusk, the place soaks in a kind of surreal beauty, gently lit by warm lights and old-fashioned lamp posts.

    A Princely Affair

    Immaculately turned out, The Elgin Mount Pandim emanates a vintage charm in every picture perfect frame. The elegant living room is done in soothing shades of cream and maroon, with neat flourishes like a fireplace, fresh blood orchids, classic reads and fine china adding to the aura.

    As you climb up the carpeted staircase to enter your inner sanctum, you pass corridors lined with sepia-tinted frames capturing the life and times of Sikkim, and exquisite pieces of a royal art collection

    Prepared To Be Pampered

    Service at The Elgin Mount Pandim is efficient and unobtrusive. Your every demand is met, almost as magically as the mood of the place. The staff, like well-oiled machinery, work tirelessly to maintain the captivating charm of the place, and ensure that the tiniest of details {like fresh flowers on your table} are looked into.

    Meals are an elaborate affair, starting with gentle soups and proceeding to heartier local and Indian mains and ending on a more colonial sweet note. I finished off my dinner with a wobbly orange soufflé – which had just the right amount of egg-iness to balance a sharp citrusy sweet.

    The breakfast service was especially memorable. We sat for hours savouring a spread of fresh fruit, hot puris, poached eggs and endless cups of golden Darjeeling tea.

    Added Perks

    The resort is an easy walk away from the 300-year-old Pemayangtse Monastery, which is perched atop a little hillock and offers a quick spiritual escape, dotted with earnest student monks and ancient holy gompas.

    A few kilometres down the road, just before the tiny town of Pelling, lie the ruins of Rabdenste, the second capital of the former kingdom of Sikkim. A slight trek that journeys through a lake and forested hills brings you to the remains of this historical royal abode.

    A worked up appetite, and stunning views of the Kanchenjunga are fringe benefits.


    The monsoons aren’t considered to be the best time to visit rocky West Sikkim, and both roads and views are not at their best. But if you want to be far away from the maddening crowd, and nothing pleases you more than a stunning ride into green horizons, then this is a great time to be here.

    Also- ask for the range of veranda and indoor games, when you want a spot of carrom as you watch the sun set on a dreamily delightful day.

    Where: The Elgin Mount Pandim, Pemayangtse, Pelling, West Sikkim

    Contact: +91 3595250756,+91 3595250573

    Price: INR 10,979 per night for a deluxe double room with breakfast for two {approx.}

    Find out more here.