Royal Treat On JNC Road Will Entice You With Biryani And Kebabs For Just INR 500 For Two

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Empty stomached and empty pocketed but in the mood for a ‘royal treat’? This is just the place for all of us, with the fat wallets, filled with bills, but not the ones we like.

What Is It?

Located in 5th Block Koramangala, Royal Treat is the ultimate place to head to. The place has an easy-going, straight-forward and a definitely appetising menu that runs across various cuisines {mostly biryani and Indian-style Chinese} and covers everything from mutton to prawns to fish; and their vegetarian delicacies are to die for.

Who Is It For?

Royal Treat is rightly priced and is located bang on on JNC Road which makes it an exceptionally student-friendly restaurant. If you visit this place during lunch hours, do not be surprised to see youngsters from Christ University and Jyoti Nivas College swarming in endlessly!

What Is The Ambience Like?

It’s the perfect example of a no nonsense family restaurant. Basic tables, chairs and a few potted plants make up the decor. Don’t expect anything royal, it’s really not!

Must Eat

My personal favorite was their Paneer Butter Masala with Rumali Rotis and an absolutely random pick from their dessert section — it was never a disappointment. Also try the slightly spicy Guntur chicken. Plus, biryani. It’s mild, but with plenty of meat.

How Was My Experience?

I can remember eating at least two meals a week from this place, so we could say I pretty much love it. The service staff are kind and helpful and ever so curteous.


They do home deliver, so lazy and broke? Call up Royal Treat!