Enjoy The Fresh Salads & Succulent Meat At This Outlet!

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Atlas World Cafe in Vividus Hotel: Place for a delicious plate of food.  Buffet served on the table. COVID noms followed  Veg and Non-Veg served Elite Ambience  The menu consists of two salads, soup, veg and non-veg starters and amazing tasty main course. I'm a fan of the main course served here.

Must try: Fish Starters, Chettinad Chicken, Chicken 65, Fresh Garden Salad was my most favourite in the salad category. You will love adding this salad to your daily diet. It helps you catch up on all the veggies your body needs while reenergizing you with a fresh from the garden taste. Chilly Chicken with white wine.  Succulent chicken coated in a thick batter and fried until the crisp is added to a garlicky chilli luscious gravy. Flavours in Indian Chinese food are bold and yet have a balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Simmer, stir-fried and deep-fried it’s all going on. When white wine is added it elevates the dish which I loved. Chicken Chettinad or Chettinad chicken is a classic Indian recipe, from the cuisine of Chettinad. It consists of chicken marinated in yoghurt, turmeric and a paste of red chillies, kalpasi, coconut, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, black pepper, groundnuts, onions, garlic and gingelly oil. It is served hot and garnished with coriander leaves, accompanied with boiled rice or paratha. Vividus hotel has nailed this dish. This dish is the hero of the entire menu. In love with this dish. The presentation is also very appealing.

Overall the experience was great.