Roller Skating Or Dance Skating? Esther Roller Skating Club In Koramangala At Your Service

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If you’re looking for a fun after-school or weekend activity for you or your kids, Esther Roller Skating Club offers maximum fun for people of all ages!

The Skate Debate

Started in 2011 by Esther Bernard, a professional roller skater, Esther Roller Skating Club offers skating for anyone from ages three and up. What started as a small after-school class at Bethany High School has now grown into a team of six professional trainers, operating out of Koramangala and Yelahanka. Esther specialises in speed {she was ranked the 24th fastest skater in 2001}, so if you’re looking to break the sound barrier, here’s your chance!

Skate Til' You Make It

Skating is for everyone, according to Esther, so whether you’re a beginner, an expert, still in school, or even middle-aged, she has a class that works for anyone looking to join! Esther Roller Skating Club even offers free skating classes on weekends for kids looking to learn the basics and skate recreationally without the competitive edge. There are even classes for special needs individuals, with different levels to suit people across the disability spectrum! Super cool.


If traditional skating still doesn’t seem like your think, check out their dance-skating sessions, where you can learn how to do everything from shimmies to the the Macarena on skates!