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Tablets Have A Whole New Meaning With This Brand's Sinful Chocolate Options

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Ether Chocolate

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What Makes It Awesome

Ether Chocolate will make you reconsider what you might call a bar of chocolate once you bite into their "tablets". The Mumbai-based chocolatier helmed by chef Prateek Bakhtiani, has a collection of sinful, indulgent chocolate that unlike traditional chocolate bars come with absolutely no divisions. Instead, it's got these ripples and according to us, it's the kind of chocolate you'll want dig into the moment the wrappers are off. 

We can see ourselves thoroughly enjoying the caramel notes of Genmai, a tablet of blonde chocolate with raspberry and Japanese toasted rice. For the dark chocolate folks, try out Noir. It's got 70 per cent dark Dominican cacao and volcanic salt for true dark chocolate indulgence. Pairing suggestion according to Ether is a light Bordeaux wine and Scamorza cheese -- both of which we fully approve. You can also pick up fruit preserves -- Bleue, Blush, and Snset -- to have with your bread. Bleue is what we are going to try out -- it's got wild blueberry (our favourite type of berry) and blackberry. 


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