As Timeless & Special As Nature: Exquisitely Unique Jewellery For A Unique You!

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What Makes It Awesome

Jewellery has a way with our heartstrings. The right piece can empower, make an occasion truly memorable or turn someone's frown upside down (yes, gift more jewellery please!). Esther too, was taken by the magic an inanimate accessory can spread and decided to make her own. And boy, are we truly thankful to her for bringing Ezpra to life. And we for a fact know that many celebrities are too! 

If you didn't get the hint, we're saying this Hyderabad-based, handmade jewellery label is fairly new, but already a super-duper hit among the masses. What do they do differently? Well, two of our favourite things, of course! Their line of exquisite jewellery takes design inspiration from nature -- so delicate leaves, flowers, birds with delicate wings -- and fuses this with the timelessness and regality of gold plating, semi precious stones and crystals. The results are what you would expect when the two come together, sheer beauty, no wonder everyone seems smitten!

Esther currently makes statement earrings and chains (soon adding braclets). Some of her signatures include Moira, a hammered 18k gold plated earring embedded with semi precious stone; Isis, symbolising the Greek goddess with intricate designing and 22k gold plating and the very in trend, Chunky Textured Chains (these are also unisex). We love that every piece throws off a delicate aura and reeks of fine craftsmanship and high quality. It is sure to last us forever! 


Oh, and the best part is how affordable the brand is -- prices range between INR 450 to INR 1,500.