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India's FIRST Camel Milk Haircare Brand Will Fix Your Flaky Scalp And Hairloss

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Faith & Patience

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What Makes It Awesome

Okay, so you know how we’re all about bringing #SomethingDifferent to you, right? Well, get ready for something you’ve probably never thought about when it came to your skin and hair care - Camel Milk! Faith and Patience, among other things, uses it as the prime ingredient in their range. What's so great about it? Higher amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which we all know is essential for great hair, skin, and nails. 

If good karma was something that could be measured, then founder Richa Badhalia has a bucket load! Faith and Patience was started to obviously help out people in their journey to achieve great skin and hair. But did you know it also helps support the Camel Conservation Project (and provides sustainable income to stakeholders while preventing camel slaughter), has at some point funded the education of underprivileged school children and is environmentally friendly as it uses ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging? Once you’ve absorbed all that, wash away larger philosophical questions while washing your hair with their organic, SLS, paraben and silicone-free shampoos! 

The specially formulated problem focussed shampoos and conditioners come in bottles that resemble round-bottomed chemistry flasks and target everything from hair loss to daily post-gym sweatiness. Other concerns they address include dandruff, volume loss, dryness, and hair that is chemically treated among others; they even have a conditioning shampoo! Prices range between INR 950 and INR 1100 for 340ml. Feel free to pick up their combos as well!


On their website they have a limited range of bath products including hair oil, soaps, and body butters.