Sustainable To Y2K: Fashion Trends We're Predicting Will Rule 2022

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Let’s admit it…the pandemic killed the traditional kind of fashion trends to a massive extent. Whether or not we happily consider tracks, loose tees and kaftans a trend, is another matter! So while you might love the stuff that’s coming off the Milan, Barcelona and of course, Paris runways, we’re giving you trends that are not only going to run the fashion world, but also your daily life. Here’s our pick of fashion trends for 2022, and the brands we think nail them.

Sustainable Clothes

Capsule collections, pre-loved clothing, thrift shopping or just slow fashion, this trend is looking more like its gold standard than just a fad. Even brands like Levi’s got in on it with the capsule collection in collaboration with Deepika Padukone. If you’re also planning to go all conscious of the environment (high time, eh!) then here’s our pick of vintage and thrift stores for you to shop from. If you’re looking for slow fashion brands, then you have to check out this list. Don’t believe us? Sahar Mansoor, founder of Bare Necessities, a zero-waste lifestyle brand gave us her picks of Sustainable Fashion Brands.

Brands We Love: Doodlage, Bodements, The Vintage 


Look, you can’t live in your joggers and treggings all day any more. We crossed that line last year. It’s now all about wearing silky nightwear…all day. But mostly for the light. Pinterest tells us that “searches for satin nightwear and classic nightdresses will rise across all age groups” and we’re not going to argue. From strappy tops and silky shorts, to retro sets with button down shirts and long pajama bottoms, get your fancy PJs on for this year. Check out the best brands for nightwear here.

Brands We Love: Dandelion Dreams, Faballey, Zivame, Doux, Sleepy Gram 

Blazers & Suit Jackets

On the other absolute extreme, it’s the return of suit jackets! While one half of us is WFHing, the other half is killing it in the boardroom, clearly. A must-have at any cost, the ones that are going to trend in 2022 are not just your staple blazer. We’re talking collarless ones, sassy kimono-style ones, and even over-size ones. Of course, colours are IN, but hey, black is always the new black. So, if you want something timeless, stick to the basics and pick a black one to start off with. Oh, biker jackets are back too, in case that’s your style! Every cool girl fashion blogger on Instagram (Aashna Shroff, Komal Pandey and the likes) has been finding ways to wear it in a way that doesn't automatically make you think you're off to a meeting. 

Brands We Love: Qua, Fable Street, H&M, ISU, Fabnest, Vero Moda. Our favourite though? This floral cotton blazer by Label Raasleela.

Y2K Continues

Vogue has been consistent in saying that the Y2K trend will continue this year too, and with the brands we’re seeing, we have to agree. Marked by crop tops, wide-trousers, colours and basically anything that you’d see on Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera in the 1990s. You can blame (or thank?) TikTok for this. Especially if you’re in your 30s and early 40s. Just go back to your old outfits, and you’re in fashion! 

Brands We Love: We actually picked brands and products for the Y2K here. And here's how to bring the 90s back

Bright Colours / Clashing Colours

Sure we said black is black, but there’s also much to look forward to in the fashion world when it why no splash some colour on your wardrobe too. Pantone (our gospel for all things colour), has predicted that pink, various shades of pleasant blue, daffodil yellow, heated red, stand-out purple, glacier blue and basil green. Etsy has said emerald green will also trend, so go ahead and jazz up that tee, dress or kurta. 

Brands We Love: Alaya By Stage3, Isu, Biba, Urban Suburban, H&M, Masaba

Oversized Shirts

Gone are the days of getting a shirt and then knotting it up to make it cropped; in 2022 (and on the runway at shows like Michael Kors, Balenciaga & more) were oversized shirts that were left baggy (no cinching it at the waist with a belt) and worn as dresses. All of us probably have a few of those at home already or we can easily steal it from a brother's closet. If you're not crazy about wearing it as a dress, pair it up with bike shorts or even oversized trousers for an anti-fit look. 

Brands We Love: The Pigment Edit, Uniqlo, H&M. We also love this one from called Eye Spy, from Drawn.

Indian Print/Motifs On Western Silhouttes

Can’t escape Indian prints and motifs when you’re in India. Indian prints on western wear options are getting a lot of love. Think Ikkat blazers, Shorts with kutchi work on them (hello Tan France in Queer Eye season 6) and block printed halter tops among others. What really brought them back to global popularity (after a stint back in the 60’s and 70’s) are fun collaborations like the iconic H&M x Sabyasachi. This will also extend to other aspects of fashion like footwear. Those embroidered wedges (or stilettos) you saw last wedding season? They’re here to stay. As are Co-ord sets with block prints (Sanganeri print seems super popular across the board for both men’s and women’s wear in fact). Thanks to the tie-dye trend being popular, bandhini print dresses, tunics, and pants will have a moment too. All we’re saying is that with Chrissy Teigen and SJP donning Indian designer wear, it’s inspiring western wear labels to add some desi elements to their collections too.  

Brands We Love: Global Desi, Label Rasleela, Ikk Kudi By Seerat, Chidiyaa, Vajor, Dressfolk

Cut-outs / Peek-a-boo Outfits

Time to play peek-a-boo with your outfits, and show some skin. A sexy, chic and not over-the-top trend we can get on board with, this one works for everything from tops, dresses, and playsuits. Whether it's a peek-a-boo hole at the midriff, cutouts at the waist (Apparently helps you look slimmer too if you've got a bodycon dress on), or slits on your pants, covering up and showing some skin can happen at the same time! If you don’t want to straight-up show skin, then there’s plenty of ways to show-and-not-tell-all. Like mesh, net and lace which is a lovely way to cover up, but not entirely. So think of a slightly mature goth aesthetic. Footwear also is seeing mesh panelling, strategic cuts on boots, and even clear plastic sections on otherwise covered shoes. Like it or not, Kim K is a great one to follow for this trend! 

Brands We Love: Berrylush, Urbanic, Zara, Besiva, Akiva, Dracht

Veri Peri

Hello Pantone Colour Of The Year: Very Peri. Like we said in our list of all things Very Peri, this colour has literally been created for 2022. A mix of blue, lavender, purple and lilac, it’s tough to nail exactly, but we love it no less. We’ve found a few places that do similar colours, but we’ll let you off the hook if you are a shade off. 

Brands/Products We Love: Here's everything we love in Veri Peri