Ten-Second Takeaway

Fat Sindhi’s delicious Sindhi cuisine will remind you of your mother’s {or your Sindhi friend’s mother’s} home-cooked food.

Chow Down

Dal Pakwan, Sindhi Curry, Sai Bhaji 

Sip On

Soft drinks

Winning For

Sindhi food cooked in authentic, home-made style.

Lowdown On The Ambience

In the regular hustle-bustle of Koramangala, this small, rustic restaurant smells of all things Sindhi. Food is served in stainless steel plates and even the furniture is made of recycled wood.

Hogging Right Away

The options on the menu took me straight to my mother’s kitchen, where her regular “What do you want for lunch today?” would be a constant reminder of the good food about to arrive on my plate. And well, while she isn’t here, Fat Sindhi is quite close to what I usually find at home.


I started off with a koki, a thick paratha of sorts, made with wheat flour and coriander, ghee, onions and green chilli, and is served with curd and pickle, usually eaten for breakfast. The fragrance from the koki was enough to know that it would be utterly delicious, and it indeed was. The Dal Pakwan, another breakfast dish, a thick dal made with Bengal gram and served with with a pakwan, a crispy, fluffy puri, deep fried for that crumbly texture that instantly melts in the mouth once had with the dal. Although the dal was flawless, the pakwan fell flat. It didn’t crumble and wasn’t really fluffy, but the flavours were spot-on nevertheless.

Main Attractions

The Sai Bhaji is a sort of thick-but-not-so-thick gravy of spinach and Bengal gram, and is served with rice and kachalu. This was totally up-to-the-mark and is a must-have. Now, the thing about Sindhi Curry is that no two houses will every have it the exact same way. Fat Sindhi’s version had too many tomatoes, and wasn’t as thick as I’d like it to be. The lack of potatoes was also a bit of a disappointment, but the ladyfingers more than made up for it.

Sweet Endings

Meetho Lolo, a sweet flat bread, made of flour, ghee and sugar, is the perfect ending to a Sindhi meal, and I was so happy that these guys nailed it. It’s a rather large portion and if you can’t finish it, take it home and munch when you like. They last for five to seven days.

So, We’re Thinking…

Every time I miss my mother’s perfect home-cooked food, this is going to be my comfort place. I’d also go back to try out the non-vegetarian dishes on the menu, which I was too full to, this time around.