It Might Be Shutters Down For One Of The City’s Most Iconic Bakeries Thanks To The Bangalore Metro

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Another one bites the dust? The Bangalore Metro construction is all set to swallow up our beloved Fatima Bakery, giving us the feels.

Farewell Fatima!

Looks like the Bangalore Metro is set to claim its next casualty. This time around, news reports indicate that it’s the turn of the iconic Fatima Bakery to be sacrificed at the altar of Namma Metro. The BMRCL, that’s in charge of construction, is set to acquire the bakery for the construction of the Vellara Junction Metro Station. While an earlier plan ensured that the bakery and a slew of other establishments {including Tom’s Hotel} were left untouched, the BMRCL seems to have changed its mind.

Fatima opened its doors in 1957 and has since then fattened up generations of Bangaloreans with its baked goodies. From downy breads to beef puffs, chocolate cake loaves, and chicken sausage rolls — Fatima’s glass counters offer plenty that will make your tummy happy.

This story first appeared on News Minute. You can read it here.