Faux Claws & Kites Designs, This Sustainable Jewellery Brand Is Beauts!



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What Makes It Awesome?

‘Baka’ is the result of a designer’s dream of working at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability. With love for fashion and jewellery at its core, ‘Baka’ works with recycled metal (brass, silver, gold, steel, aluminium, etc) and gemstones to create stunning designs that never fail to ‘wow’. Popular amidst their creations, is their ‘Avani’ collection with ‘faux tiger claws’. Animal claws have been used to create jewellery since time immemorial. But ‘Baka’ uses gemstones and pearls that are claw-shaped and produce a similar effect. The promise of sustainability remains intact and aesthetics get a whole new definition in jewellery designing. There can’t be a more appropriate example of sustainability in jewellery designing. You can find sassy Earrings and pendants in this collection. Most of the jewellery designed by ‘Baka’ is quirky and unusual. An extension of this is the kite-shaped Earrings and pendants that are quite edgy and unconventional yet very chic! Gemstones have been very beautifully crafted to create stylish and catchy designs for the modern woman who strives to be classy and loves statement jewellery. Each of the jewellery pieces is handcrafted at their studio in Ahmedabad. The founder and chief designer, Rebecca, considers ‘Baka’ as a re-articulation of her interior design background. She considers jewellery as a ‘condensed artefact’ of a larger space that she would’ve designed. Such is the deep philosophy behind this brand. No wonder the jewellery is so timeless and worth collecting! Prices start at an affordable 1800 INR and can go to a few lakhs for the customised pieces. Yes, they have premium custom design services for jewellery too. You can follow them on Instagram @bakajewelry to know if recent collections and exciting designs.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000