Smells Like Great Gifts : Explore Iris Home Fragrances' Festive Gift Options

    What Makes It Awesome

    With the festive season upon us, we’re sure you’re racking your brains on what gifts to give your families, friends and colleagues. We’ve found just the brand where you can get a range of home fragrances. Say hello to IRIS Home Fragrance. The brand specialises in fragrances that refresh the body and mind. And with so much time being spent at home, this could be a really useful gift to give someone this festive season. So, out with the negativity, and in with the positive vibes with Iris Home Fragrances.

    From fragrant oils to reed diffusers, IRIS Home Fragrance covers aroma in every form. With refreshing fragrances like French lavender, Tangerine, Coral Blue , Apple-Cinnamon and more, we’re sure whoever you gift one of these to, will love it. The  perfect mix of exquisite fragrance and beautifully crafted delivery system from Iris has a revitalising effect on the ambience and enhances the aesthetics of the space, too. Their reed diffusers are especially designed to control the release of fragrance which ensures that you get the most of the fragrance oil and your home is fragrant around the clock! Now who wouldn’t love that?

    To add a decorative touch to a home office, or even living room, the Fragrance vaproisers are the way to go. Gift your colleague one of these and all they have to do is add a few drops of the fragrance oil into a bowl filled with water, and this is heated using one of the tea candles provided in the kit, and they’ve got a room that exudes relaxing vibes.


    IRIS Home Fragrance also offers corporate gifts for your clients, employees and key stakeholders during the festive season. So, if you really want to stand out with your gifting, reach Anik on 9945692229  and find out about the packages that they can customise for you.