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Guru In The Ooru, Check Out This Ultimate Wedding Guide For Men

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Wedding or festive season is right around the corner at any given point of the year, and when it’s not, it’s always good to be prepared for it lest you get caught up with life and forget about it (we know we have). If you’re a guy and clueless about where to start or just need a quick list to refer to because it’s less work, we’ve got your back fam! Clothing, grooming, and accessories, here’s where, how, and what to do to prepare yourself.


There’s more to clothing than just shirts, kurtas and trousers we know. If you’ve got the time, why not get something custom made to perfectly fit you (prices will be cheaper off season for sure) at 108 Bespoke Studio if you’ve got a bunch of events you need outfits for or. You could even visit Ahmed Esquires if you’re looking just for a suit, even components of it to match what you already have. You can even just buy material from Colectivo and get it stitched wherever. If you want to bring out the big guns and go designer, check out Paresh Lamba for Indian and Western wear or hit up Commercial Street for some great ready made ethnic wear on a budget, and if you’ve got a little lad who needs to to look dapper, Mantri Mall has all you need. 

Shoes And Accessories

The accessories maketh a man we hear. Okay that’s a lie, but accessories definitely add a bit of pizzazz if that’s what you’re going for. Anyone who’s worn a suit will tell you the same when it comes to bow ties (we suggest Costa Rica - Neckties & Bows), ties, and/or cufflinks (Prestige In Commercial Street has an enviable collection, we hear). If you’re not too hot on all the frills, pick up some shoes to match with your ethnic or dapper suit. For traditional Indian footwear, do visit Pastels & Pop for stunning juttis you'll add to cart. Now while Commercial Street will always be there in case you're lost, if you know what footwear (and size, specification, brand and the like) you’re looking for, explore online

Skincare And Grooming


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We believe that grooming and skincare is equally important for men and women (got to look our best for those pictures, hey?) and going au naturel is one of the best ways to start, product wise. Keep your skin well maintained, or just the facial hair (the beard is a trend that's here to stay) if you’re blessed with great skin that needs just the basics. Rather get get groomed ? Get a Royal shave or something suave on a budget when you’re pressed for time to be event ready! You could also get a full pamper session at this place right before the wedding days. Here, we're talking massages, haircuts and all the fancy grooming jazz you lads might want to explore. 


In cases of destination weddings or fam-jam holidays, always expect a pool, beach, or both where you’re staying. Don’t be caught unprepared (we mean a lack of stamina obviously) when it comes to getting into the pool or dancing the night away. For meeting specific fitness goals, personalised training is a great option. If you’re just looking to get fitter for all the dancing try one with group lessons (or go with the whole fam ). Of course, sometimes all you have to do is find a squad and go with yours to play some good ol’ football to get that athletic physique. 

You could also get a more comprehensive fitness guide of namma Ooru here. This includes gyms, fitness classes, sport venues and yoga studios.


Well now that you're set to go for the weddings, you wouldn't want to miss out on the gifting aspect, would you? Click here for some ultimate gifting options.