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Find Paradise At Boutique Mansion Jade 735

    Sadahalli, Bangalore


    A villa with five exclusively-designed bedrooms, a swimming pool and the ideal swinging bed for honeymooners, this is a slice of heaven for out-of-towners and city dwellers alike. And it’s super close to the Bangalore airport, too.

    Earthy Ambience

    Who needs to splash out and go to an exotic location abroad when you can just head to Jade 735. Designed to be earthy, you can walk to the main house through what is called a Pisces Corridor; a tribute to Neptune, the God of water. Make your way through stone slabs functioning as stepping stones to a water body, ending in a swimming pool with a waterfall.

    We also love the 5pm Lounge, which always manages to make it feel like it’s dusk. The plush deck doubles up as a dance floor, too, and is also ideal for yoga the next morning. The ultimate relaxation point, however, is The Swing In The Cloud. This private enclosure is great for a night under the stars, with the bed-cum-swing gently luring you into slumber. Throw in a significant other and it can be your personal cloud nine.

    Staying In

    The villa offers guest rooms, with the Suite-Ra being the main draw. Quite the honeymooners’ paradise, it has a king-sized bed, a balcony overlooking the pool and an al fresco Jacuzzi. Oh, plus a massage chair to take things up a notch.

    If you’re not relaxing in your room, two inviting gazebos will make ideal spots for a game of cards or even an all-night Monopoly session. Food is pan-Asian and continental on prior order, but the villa has a kitchen, so you can even have a DIY weekend when it comes to meals. Or throw in the coals and have a good old barbecue, like it’s supposed to be done.

    So We’re Thinking…

    If the boss is being annoying about a holiday, take him/her along, and book you and your crew in for a weekend at this dreamy hideaway. We certainly plan to make bookings soon for quick rejuvenation reinforcement.

      Sadahalli, Bangalore