Ten-Second Takeaway

A community-based ashram, Fireflies will help you reconnect with yourself and nature. See, you don’t even have to look beyond the city for an offbeat weekend experience.

Gear Up For ‘Me-Time’


Fireflies ashram is an inter-cultural centre located just off Kanakpura road. Mostly known for the music festival that unfortunately stopped after its 2013 edition, the ashram is the brainchild of an avid writer and activist, Siddhartha.  You can find some of his work among the amazing stone-carvings and sculptures scattered around this oh-so-green space. The many cosy nooks around campus are perfect for reading a book while sipping on a nice cup of chai.

If you want to lay low and take some time to yourself, meditate on the rocks by the lakeside Banyan tree and just take in the sounds of nature. If you’d rather chill with your buddies, you can have a jamming session around a bonfire as the sun goes down. But don’t blame us if you’re told to leave!

Camp And Eat


While you can enjoy the environment for free, they’ve got accommodation in the form earthy cottages with large wooden pillars and open spaces. You can either share a room with another ashram dweller or get your own if you’re a lone ranger looking for alone time. The large dining halls are perfect for interacting with the people — so feel free to swap stories and life lessons if you like. You might even bump into Siddhartha there and spark up a conversation. For food arrangements, it’s best you inform the ashram staff about your preferences a day in advance. They’ll even prepare special organic food to suit your whims and fancies. For non-vegetarian food though, you get to pick your choice of meat if you go with a group of ten or more.

So carry your book, art supplies and/or guitar and head to Fireflies ashram for that much deserved break.


Although Fireflies offers accommodation, we would recommend going there for a day trip. Be there at dawn to enjoy the tranquility that it has to offer. Don’t forget to carry insect repellent at the all-green campus.

Price: Free entry. INR 1,100 upwards for food and accommodation

Photo: Varun Ramesh Photography