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Fitness Trainers Who Also Make Their Own Peanut Butter And You Can Have It Too

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    As someone who’s into fitness, it’s really difficult to find spreads, jams and butters that don’t pile on the calories that you just burnt. So when two fitness trainers make their own brands of peanut butter, we’re adding it to our carts immediately. Goodbye, Nutella – Kristian Ebenezer and Payal Kini have got your healthy bread spread woes sorted.

    Two Guys And A Girl By Kristian Ebenezer of The Outfit

    The Outfit

    Kalyan nagar, Bangalore

    Kristian Ebenezer {Kris, as he likes to go by}, trainer at The Outfit Gym, grew up eating tons of peanut butter and the original plan was to have his own line of peanut brittle or chikki. But getting into fitness changed that plan. So Kris and a couple of friends decided to make some peanut butter for themselves to power them through their workouts. But demand grew and soon they were selling bottles of it to other gym-goers — and that’s how Two Guys And A Girl was born. While other commercial brands of peanut butter have tons of preservative and shelf lives of more than a year, Kris says those are the unhealthiest because they’re processed and have a lot of unwanted fat. TGAAG Peanut Butter has a shelf life of only about 30-45 days but its full of nutrition and fats that are good for you. Plus there’s no added oil. Kris’s recommendation is a spoonful of peanut butter on a slice of bread pre-workout and you’re ready to go!

    Plain PB: INR 150

    Honey Crunch: INR 200

    Chocolate Chunky: INR 200

    Creamy Chocolate: INR 220

    Available at: All The Outfit Gym branches, Sunny Foods {Kammanahalli}, Shetty Stores {Malleswaram}

    Peels Nut Butter Co. – Payal Kini of Bums On The Saddle

    As a cyclist, Payal Kini always found it difficult to find food that would give her all the nutrients she needed while cycling. So, she started making small batches of her own nut butters for her and her cyclist pals on their trips. And soon, everyone wanted more and more and now Peels Nut Butter Co’s nut butters sell on a made-to-order basis. Peanut butter is high in protein and potassium and Payal says that while cycling, we tend to lose a lot of salts which some good ol’ PB can recover for us. There’s no added oils or extra sugar and salt like the commercial varieties which also come with a lot of emulsified fat. For all you peanut butter connoisseurs, she’s got smooth and chunky variations. And if peanut butter isn’t your thing, Payal has three more nut butters including Almond, Dark Almond and Almond with Coconut. She sells only within Bangalore because she’s trying to hire, source and produce more consciously. Good ethics, good flavour and good fats — grab a jar now.

    Peanut Butter {Smooth & Chunky Varieties}: INR 350

    Almond Butter {Regular & Dark}: INR 600

    Almond with Coconut Butter: INR 700

    You can WhatsApp Payal at +919845437440 to order.