Five Features Of UE Boom 2 Speakers To Amp Up Your Music Experience

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We recently got our hands on the latest UE Boom 2 wireless speakers – the tropical edition, and thought to test out its various features over a course of two days at our LBB HQ. With a range of wireless speakers flooding the market, the question was, can the UE Boom 2 stand out?

First Impression

The UE Boom 2 comes comfortably sitting in a cylindrical box with neon wires. Portable, easy to pair and carry {because of its bottle like shape}, the Bluetooth pairing with our device took us all of 10 seconds. The device comes with a 3.5 mm aux-in port, a tripod mount insert and has micro USB port for charging.

360 Degree Audio

Everything else can take a back seat but not the quality of sound. The 360 Degree sound ensures that you don’t have to keep sliding it to sides so as to get a full effect. The speakers are loud enough for outdoors yet mellow and sweet sounding for the indoors. The higher frequencies are clear and crisp with good mids. Not bass heavy though, the speakers are good for few rock and techno numbers.

Water Proof

Water damage is the most common mishap when it comes to tech devices. So reading about the UE Boom 2 being water proof raised our expectation and our question was can we test it? And of course we did. And yes they are still playing music. So, next time you are travelling, pay less attention to your speakers and more to having fun.

The App

A supporting app called UE Boom is available to download for iOS and android devices which takes the entire experience of the using the speakers up a notch. Simply open the app and if you have paired your device beforehand with the speakers, find yourself equalizing the music or setting up alarms for the morning. The overall range stated on the product for remote switch-on is 100 ft and suffice to say, the range holds. You can also pair up two set of speakers from the app for bigger, louder sounds.

Battery Life

While the speakers boast an expansive 15 hours battery life, ours ran out after 12.5 hours, which is long enough for any outdoor party. The recharge doesn’t take a lot of time especially if you have plugged it directly into an electric point. Also, the speakers turn off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Smart Controls

The speakers can be used as speakerphones and have voice controls for SIRI and Google now. There’s also multi-host option where you can connect the UE Boom 2 with various devices at once {UPTO 8, so everyone can take turn to playing their own music}. The tap control option which can be used to play, pause and skip music works out just by tapping your hands on top of the speakers. One tap for play, one for pause and two tap to skip a track.

So, We Are Saying

With a price tag of INR 15,995, the UE Boom 2 may make you think twice but for the smart controls, good audio experience and features like water proof, tap controls and a supporting app {which is free of course}, UE Boom 2 is a good piece of equipment you can look forward to invest in.

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This story is in partnership with UE Boom.