Editors posted on 1st January

Three Places To Try The Flat White Coffee Trend

A cross between a latte and a cappuccino, the Flat White is the newest coffee wave to hit B- town. Considered to be hipster coffee {aren’t the hipsters dead though?}, this fuss-free brew without the trappings of over sweet, additional flavours, no extra froth on top and minus the camouflage of mountains of whipped cream, turned out to be last year’s formidable caffeine drink. The Flat White’s origins are believed to be in New Zealand and Australia {a popular way of drinking coffee there}. And looks like it’s here to stay for sometime. We tell you where to jump in on the bandwagon  to score the Flat White in town.


The first one to introduce this coffee in India, Starbucks’ version is a ristretto shots {depending on the size} of espresso getting a generous  dose of steamed whole milk to create a drink that is neither to strong nor is it too milky. Available in Tall, Grande and Venti sizes. Goes well with Starbucks cookies and buttered croissant.

Price: INR 210

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Costa Coffee

An addition to their winter menu, the Flat White at Costa is a rich, full flavoured coffee with a smooth, velvety texture {the signature Flat White effect} thanks to heated and not frothed milk added to three strong shots of espresso. Available in all Costa sizes. Add a muffin to the dealing you are good to go.

Price: INR 186

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Red Fork

We recently tried the Flat White {newly-introduced} at Red Fork and are happy to report that the coffee, which is not quite light like a latte nor is it strong like a cappuccino went well with our breakfast orders of Ricotta Hotcakes with Maple Syrup and Honey Butter.