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Rose, Beetroot Or Coffee: Booch It Up With Flavoured Kombucha From This Local Brand

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Tea Kombucha

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What Makes It Awesome

Is Kombucha your spirit beverage? If yes, you're doing it right, buddy! If it isn't yet, it will be after you sample some from Tea Kombucha. We have a strong "gut" feeling. Jokes aside, team LBB loves kombucha because apart from being a great alternative to sugary sodas and alcohol, it works wonders for your digestive health.

Chandigarh based Tea Kombucha's founder Abhi says good health is their primary focus ever since they began. His sister, a doctor recommended Tea Kombucha's organic, home brewed kombucha to patients with immune issues, cancer and even MS and once they saw a considerable improvement in health, they decided to take it Pan India! Tea Kombucha makes their batch using a special green tea sourced from Assam that is left to ferment with live bacteria for  25 days. Over the course is when the magic of probiotics and antioxidants happens. Aside from making the original flavour, they also follow a second fermentation process with herbs, roots, fruits and spices to make delicious flavoured kombuchas.

Presently on their line is Beetroot and Ginger (a winter special), Apple and Cinnamon, Pineapple and Basil, Ginger and Lemon, Lemongrass Turmeric and Ginger Kombuchas. But what caught our attention most is Rose, Coffee and Chai Masala flavours. Place your orders on their website or Instagram. All you'll be paying is INR 250 for any of their 330ml bottles. Since Tea Kombucha brews everyday, you are sure to have your orders dispatched and reach you in no time!


Tea Kombucha is best enjoyed immediately but Abhi shares that you can also have it last for up to 3 months. We doubt that because we're chugging it.