Order Flowers And Plants For Every Home, Mood & Occasion From This Local Farm

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What Makes It Awesome

It’s always a good time for flowers, greenery and just anything straight from the farm. I think so. If you think like me, you will love Farmerr. From gorgeous hand-tied bouquets that are perfect for occasions (like birthdays, and weekends!), and potted plans for your apartment window, these folks ensure everything is straight from the source, and have no middlemen meddling.

I got a fabulous box of flowers - fresh naturally. And I was gobsmacked. The hydrangeas (they were as large as a basketball), orchids and Asiatic lilies were just stunning. I also got beautiful double coloured roses that looked like an artist painted them. Farmerr actually has a whopping 70 varieties of roses so if you are really looking for redemption for doing something wrong, then you best order them for the person you’re looking to say sorry to! Carnations, Gerbera, Gladioli, Tuberoses and Bird Of Paradise are also on offer. I can even vouch for the oriental lilies that blossomed into really large flowers from buds, and lasted well over 10 days. In fact, all the flowers lasted really long. Of course, arrangement and bouquet version of all these can be ordered and delivered as well. 

If cut flowers are not your thing, then check out the Do-It-Yourself Sow & Grow Kits. Be it herbs, veggies or flowering plants, it’s a great activity. My niece and I have made this our daily project, and it’s quite therapeutic to nurture and grow plants. Our Bok Choy is flourishing. Potted plants are aplenty of you are looking to give your window sill, balcony, or patio a floral makeover. Pick from flowers, leafy plants, succulents or herbs. 


Farmerr has a subscription service too for fresh flowers that are harvested just 24 hours before they are delivered to you. You can choose to ge them twice a month for a few months, and also pick the kind of flowers you want. Plus, veggies and a range of cakes, cupcakes, bread loaves, and cookies either to treat yourself, or gift!