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We're In Love With The Flying Squirrel Cafe And Their Divine Artisan Coffee

Aakanksha posted on 06 December

Ten Second Takeaway

The Flying Squirrel Micro Roastery and Café serves up wholesome meals in a Euro-style café. But it’s the dreamy, fresh coffee that has got us falling in love.

Sip On

Nitro Coffee, Sun Kissed Cappucino or Clouds In My Coffee Pour Over

Chow Down

Millet Lasagne, Poutine, Chicken and Chips

Winning For

These guys really bring the real coffee experience to you. And the choice of brews and roasts is spellbinding.

Lowdown On Ambience

A typical Euro-style café, there’s tables of two and three, making it ideal for a cosy catch up, or a solo outing with a book. Or perch yourself on a bar-style table that overlooks the bustling street. The aroma of coffee wafting and the din of the grinding machine, make sure you get a coffee shop ambience, and we love it.

On The Menu

There’s a very wholesome food menu which includes mains like millet lasagne, beer-batter chicken with homemade fries, fresh salads with buckwheat noodles and sandwiches in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We loved the lasagne for its healthy novelty, and the Poutine – fries with molten cheese and gravy. But what stole the show was the Parama-infused Crème Brulee – with that proper hit of coffee. More, please!

Grind It

As much as we loved the food though, we came for the coffee. An artisan coffee brand that started back in 2013, The Flying Squirrel started out delivering freshly roasted and ground coffee, just the way you like, to your doorstep. Expanding to a café format, all of their coffees – Clouds in My Coffee, Aromatique, Parama, Sattva and Sun-Kissed, are available {freshly ground at the café, of course}, in different styles.

Dreams In A Cup

We tried the Clouds In My Coffee as a pour over and were blown away by the deep, bold flavour. Called so because it’s dried at a sea-side spot so the beans soak in the salty moisture, this one really is distinct. We also tried the light Nitro Coffee – chilled, airy and with a solid hit of caffeine, it’s slightly bitter and an acquired taste. We love it though.

If you prefer milk, the Sun-Kissed cappuccino with an extra dose of caramel is an indulgent Sunday drink. The Aromatique variety is ideal for those looking for a hint of sweetness and the Parama makes for a bitter sweet cup of coffee, literally. We didn’t try Sattva, but word has it that it’s delightful. There’s even Affogatos, iced tea and hot chocolate on the menu.


They do most of the packaging at the café, so if you want to take home some freshly ground coffee, they’ll happily do it right then. Noobs, there’s a lovely taster package with seven varieties that comes for INR 540.

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