5 Food Bloggers To Bookmark For Recipes With Local and Seasonal Ingredients

Whether it’s to support local farmers, help fix the disrupted food system or to just add more variety to your plate, eating seasonally and locally comes with its own benefits. While authors like Michael Pollan have been advocating clean eating all along, the trend has recently caught on at a rapid pace globally. And, promoting the practice in their own way, we have a bunch of food bloggers right here in the ooru. With interesting recipes that use locally grown as well as seasonal veggies and fruits, they are worth looking up if you’re planning to revamp your diet or just want to celebrate local, seasonal produce and grains. Bye Bye quinoa. Hello millets!

Whisk Affair

Ask dentist-turned-food blogger, Neha Mathur {who runs the blog, Whisk Affair} why she focusses on local and seasonal produce, and she will tell you all about the kick it gives her. From helping the ecosystem to benefits of enjoying a particular fruit/vegetable when it is at its best, she might just inspire you to give up buying imports or skip the trip to that gourmet store. Head to her blog and you’ll see summer special recipes with the season’s first mangoes. Think a spicy and sweet Mango Chicken as well an innovative Mango Kadhi. Look out for her Litchi Chicken recipe, coming up soon!

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Lingering Aftertaste

Filled with amazing {not to mention tempting} food photographs and interesting recipes, Ambica Selvam’s blog is worth bookmarking if you’re a foodie looking for healthy eating options. Be it the light-flavoured Barley Coffee {want to take a break from all that caffeine?}, the Ragi Pizza with Pea Mash and Poached Eggs or even the Cocoa and Ragi Brownies, fresh and locally available ingredients take centrestage in most of the dishes whipped up by Ambica.

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Saffron Trail

Healthy vegetarian cooking is what Saffron Trail is all about. Started in 2006 by nutritionist, Nandita Iyer, the blog has dairy-free, gluten-free and ovo vegetarian recipes, among others. We love that she sticks to homegrown herbs, fruits and veggies {all from her terrace kitchen garden!} to whip up goodies like Banana Choco Swirl Muffins, Raw Mango Green Chutney and Sweet Potato Curry. Oh, and she even puts together hearty {and colourful} salads using fresh produce, if you have something light in mind. We especially love her meal-in-a-bowl recipes where she combines healthy grains, greens, and proteins with interesting dressings and sauces. Perfect for summer!

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Sin-A-Mon Tales

City-based food entrepreneur, Monika Manchanda prefers using locally grown and seasonal produce because the cycle from farm to table is far shorter, which means the food’s nutrient value is not lost. And, of course, it’s easy on the pocket and helps in reducing carbon footprint. Her simple mantra to buying fresh: do not buy fruits/vegetables that have travelled for more than 24 hours. Using ingredients taken straight from her backyard garden or locally sourced, she does seasonal and regional specials as well. So, apart from the Kerala-style Stir-Fried Amaranth Leaves or the Chicken Brussel Sprouts Salad {with homegrown, crisp lettuce}, there are combinations of wholesome salads to beat the summer heat. Want to make most of the abundance of grapes in the market? Try your hand at Monika’s Grape, Ginger and Wine Jam.

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Making homemade and organic food products easily available in the market, i2cook started off by selling jars of organic peanut butter. Currently offering an assortment of products like pink mustard, rolled oats, coconut sugar and even cookies, their blog {run by Megha, the founder} is one to look out for if you’re up for a hearty, nutrient-rich diet without cutting down on the taste factor. There’s everything from Raw Papaya Paratha to Buckwheat Waffles and Chia Seed Pudding, all to inspire the amateur chef in you.

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Love Food Eat

While city-based food blogger, Chinmayie’s Love Food Eat may not be active anymore, we think it deserves a special mention, simply for the wealth of local and seasonal recipes it holds. And, of course, the images {also by her} are nothing less than a visual treat. From authentic Havyaka dishes {try the Halasinakai Bendi or Jackfruit Curry} to experimental vegan bakes {Banana Cashew Muffins, anyone?}, the blog has wholesome recipes that use locally grown, seasonal or organic ingredients.

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