Sit On Your Couch And Let This Nifty Food Delivery App Bring Gourmet Food Right To You


No need to limit yourself to getting in food from one restaurant with Entrée. They even deliver premium stuff that isn’t otherwise on the delivery circuit. Win!

Entrée Or Two

We can’t tell you how many fights the LBB Crew has had over where to order lunch from. There has never been a unanimous vote for this in our entire existence. So you can image how thankful we were when we learnt of Entrée, a premium food-delivery service which was started by a team of foodies and restaurateurs. Currently, since their base is CBD, there’s gourmet restaurants including Sunny’s, SodaBottleOpenerWala, Sriracha, Nandos and Toscano.

If you’re craving some good Asian food, fear not, sushi, maki, noodles and dim sum from the likes of Shiro, Misu and Harima are also available to order from. Oh, you’re looking for Indian soul food? Be it Kerala Beef Fry, Donne Biryani, Haleem Samosas or some good old Highway Pandi Curry, check out The Permit Room’s menu and order away!

What we really like is that they have the entire menu to choose from, and not a paltry section of the quick-fixes.

Any time. Many times.

For those of you who are organised, you can even pre-order a meal or snack, and ask for it to be delivered at a particular date and time. You can schedule deliveries up to a week in advance between noon and 10.30pm, or ask for it to come to you ASAP. And that is not even the best part!

What is even better is that you can pick soup from one place, starters from another, and mains from a third, leaving dessert to the experts such as Café Noir and Rage Chocolatier. Of course, over at LBB, it’s always about the Dark Chocolate Brookies and Nutella Sea Salt from Love & Crumble Co.

Download the app for Android here and for iOS here. Order online here.


While there is no minimum order, they charge a flat INR 75 for delivery, and an extra INR 25 for each additional restaurant.