Boozy Popsicles & Breakfast Martinis, Marathahalli Peeps You Have To Head To This New Resto Bar

Amrita posted on 07 April


If Marathahalli has been waiting for some time to get a resto bar of its own with proper chill vibes and awesome cocktails, then they ought to be happy to check out Foxtrot. Plus, their Sunday brunch is the best this side of town.

Frat Vibes Meet

Right away I would like to say that if you want visit, you should head to Foxtrot in the evening. The semi-alfresco, rooftop set up, a proper bar running through the entire restaurant and the lit up FOXTROT signage in quirky font makes for a rather lovely site in the night. Plus, during the day it might really get hot, as we found out when we went for Sunday brunch recently. But thankfully they do have an AC section. The furniture is colourful, comfortable and not too matchy-matchy, the idea is to create a casual, common room sort of a vibe. What we liked is that there were different cosy nooks for those who want quiet, communal tables for big, boisterous parties and also comfortable sittings for fam. Kids are not allowed in the evening but you can take them along for the Sunday brunch.

Yay To The Cocktails

Coming straight to the menu, if you drink, then you have to try their selection of cocktails. Because it is worth coming here just for those. Our absolute favourite is the Breakfast Martini — vodka, orange marmalade, triple sec, and fresh lime juice. If you don’t like your cocktails sweet, just tell them to tone down the sugar in this one and you will see how good it will taste.  There is also the What- A-Match(a), a whiskey, matcha tea, ginger syrup and fresh citrus juice number, which was an acquired taste for me because I am neither a fan of match or ginger. But do give their Loaded Popsicles a try, these come in fresh fruit flavours such orange, blueberries {with real blueberries!}, honey mint and litchi, and come topped with vodka. We tried the Blueberry, which came with a frozen blueberry puree, lime juice, black pepper, black salt {gave it a kala khatta vibe}, and cumin. Yum!

Meal Deal

Full disclosure: I haven’t had the chance to try Foxtrot’s regular menu yet, but at the Sunday brunch, we were first served unlimited starters such as chicken satay, grilled paneer, tandoor broccoli, pizza by the slice and more. The mains included a nice Punjabi style mutton curry, there was biryani of course and a couple of gravies {vegetarian and non-vegetarian}. There is a salad bar too for those who want to start healthy. A special shout out goes to the live pasta station that did a fantastic spaghetti aglio olio style with mushrooms, loads of parmesan and herbs. There were also mini desserts to pile on, but we recommend the fruity and cool pannacotta and a Bengali style payesh or kheer, which we loved.

So, We're Saying...

I live close to Marathahalli and Outer Ring Road, and there’s really not many choices when you want to go out for a drink. Foxtrot is solving that problem for me. And more than brunch, it’s their cocktails I am willing to brave the Marathahalli traffic for again.

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