Say Bone Appétit To This Service That Makes Fresh Meals For Your Doggo Everyday!

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Fresh Fetch

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What Makes It Awesome

Fresh Fetch has one goal -- to make sure 'every dog has its day', everyday through meals that aren't popped open from a bag and looking like the Sahara in a bowl. And this goal is more than met with their home-cooked meals that are meal-prepped for utmost convenience and available as weekly  and monthly subscriptions. You can pick up or have the fresh cooked meals delivered to your doorstep twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). Every delivery will cover you with enough portions (7 meals at 300gm each) to last till the next delivery. 

What's going into my pooch's lil tummy? Only the best if you have to know! Another pleasant and reassuring surprise is that the Founders are pet parents and the same folks who run the city's popular, pet-friendly cafe, Eddy's! To make sure they cover all bases, Fresh Fetch has three meal options - Bow Chicky Bow Chow (lean chicken, organs, veggies, herbs & brown rice), Porky Monkey and Muttony Glutton - and an option where you pick up the phone and tell them what your BFF likes best and they'll make it like that. Not with offcuts or leftovers but with real, human-grade meat, veggies and other ingredients.

Fresh Fetch also has something called 'Streetie Love' where they cook a filling meal of rice, chicken with turmeric for street dogs. These can be picked/delivered by the kilo to feed your neighbourhood friends. With meals covered, treats can't be too far off and so exists the Doggie Box, the perfect treat box or gift box even, full of goodies like cookies, peanut butter, oat treats, a fresh meal and a bow tie. 


Fresh Fetch is only a Bangalore-based service for now. The price for each meal as part of a subscription is INR 95. You can also get the Sniff It Out trial pack for INR 120, before committing to a journey with Fresh Fetch. We highly recommend it though, because it's all fresh, they pawmise.