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Fridge Magnets, Coasters And Gorgeous Art Frames From Tiny Farm


    Bangalore-based illustrator and designer Riddhi Desai makes cutesy coasters, fridge magnets and really beautiful art frames, under her label Tiny Farm. With her latest collection of fridge magnets, she pays a tribute to the quirky folks of Chennai.

    Name, Place, Animal, Things

    So what if she hasn’t yet featured the quirks and eccentricities of Namma Ooru, Bengaluru? Riddhi’s charming tribute to the city of Chennai and its people has us enthralled. Her brand, Tiny Farm, offers the cutest fridge magnets etched with colourful parrots, big lotuses and the quintessential Chennai mami. Available in sets of three, the Namma Chennai magnets give tough competition to Tiny Farm’s series of coasters called Women Of South India {set of four} with the same prints embossed on them. Riddhi, who has designed for the print, web and mobile apps in the past, also offers a series of art on canvas. With delicate water lilies, butterflies and Chennai folks as the subject, these are some of our favourite. And the good news. They are on sale currently.

    Price: INR 350 upwards per set

    Check out the website here to shop online