From Workaholics To Couch Potatoes: Here Are 5 Ways To Revamp Your Home Furniture To Best Suit Your Personality

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Your home is a reflection of you. While this is true, most of us are still figuring out how to let go of irrelevant, bulky furniture and how to revamp our home space in tune with our habits, personalities, choices and needs. Now, Script by Godrej may have the answers. Script designs furniture and accessories that are intelligent, beautiful and intuitive, for a fluid living experience. You are free to choose and invent fresh, innovative ways to interact with furniture. In this fun guide, we'll help you decode which interior style you should go for, based on your habits and personality.

For The Young Working Professional

It's all about living the city dream life. Your day usually consists of killing it in the 9-to-5, and then chilling out post-work, snagging some after-work drinks at a fancy lounge bar. Just like the sleek, glass-encased office buildings you work in, a sophisticated, modern home interior would fit your metropolitan lifestyle to a tee. With Script, you can experience contemporary, functionally superior and unconventional designs like the Meadow bed that is as comfortable as it is sophisticated.

For the Hipster Barista/photographer/designer

Are you someone who prefers working from home instead of enduring office traffic every day? Then you’ll surely appreciate Script’s work-from-home furniture ecosystem called Ambit. Based on highly intuitive and chic design aesthetics, this ecosystem helps you be highly productive while enjoying the peace and comfort of your home. Add the Dwell center table with poufs and its book display cabin to complete the office look at home.

Scandinavian Simplicity For the Easy-Going Boy/Girl

Are you someone who takes pleasure in the simple things of life? Like spending quality time with friends and family, sipping a hot cup of tea while curled up with a book or just daydreaming. Now you can enjoy these simple pleasures in absolute comfort, with Script’s Oyster recliner chair.

For Those Who Prefer Things Neat And Minimalist

Do you abide by the ‘Less mess, less stress’ mantra? For an uncluttered mind like yours, an uncluttered space with a minimalist look from Script should be perfect! Bar chairs and easy chairs are the perfect way to amp up that space and accommodate more people in a lesser area. To add aesthetics into the mix, throw in Script’s rugs and drapes, with pastel colours and natural hues.

For The Stay-At-Home Chill Kings And Queens

Are you someone who could spend your entire day in bed with your food and laptop? Script’s Lagoon single bed is a blessing! With a multi-purpose headboard and accessible storage space, build your own cozy corner where you can just relax all day and yes, get plenty done too!

So, We're Saying...

Script by Godrej has become our one stop solution for all our furniture needs in a fuss-free and affordable manner. No need to bring home a dozen accessories and furniture designs in order to meet your lifestyle. One furniture or accessory from Script can solve all your interior needs!