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Spend The Day With The Leading Lady With These Fun Ideas And DIY Activities

Our moms are our favourite person in the world and is the one who is your pillar of strength. Right? This Mother’s Day, celebrate the most valuable player (MVP) of your life - your mom at home by spending time with her and indulging in some activities together. If you are wondering what you can possibly do at home, we have got your back. Check out the list of fun things you can do with your mom and make her feel special, this Mother’s Day.

Try A New Recipe Together

Experiment in the kitchen with your mom and try out a new recipe together. Step out of your comfort zones and teach your mom something from a different cuisine ranging from Asian, Mexican to even a different local cuisine. Check out the list of home chefs, YouTube channels and websites that you can hit up for new recipes that you can try with your mom this Mother’s Day. Here’s a list of easy recipes that you can try out as well.

Go On A Online Shopping Spree

Well, we do love shopping, don’t we? And it becomes even better if it is done with your mom. Open up your laptop and go on an online shopping spree with your mom. Check out various sites that sell everything ranging from home decor products to clothing as well as makeup to accessories. Hit up LBB Shop together and browse through various categories and buy her a gift that she likes this Mother’s Day. Well, if nothing, just enjoy a nice session of window shopping and show her the latest trends and styles in the market.

Build Your Home Garden Together

Always struggled to keep your home plants alive but your mom’s garden always is thriving and growing into a mini jungle? It is now time to be her little helper and see your mom in action in nurturing the plants and helping them grow. While you are at it ask the expert for some gardening tips. Buy some indoor garden supplies with your mom and check out this list of places for anything related to indoor gardening.

Indulge In A Movie Marathon

Make a list of all the movies that you and your mom love to watch and spend the whole day with a movie marathon. Watch all her favourite films and make her watch the ones that you love or just put on a cheesy rom-com or a funny movie that both of you can enjoy together and have a good laugh. After all, laughter is indeed the best medicine, right? If nothing, sit down and binge-watch your favourite tv series with your mom. Here’s a list of indie movies that you can check out and also check out some feel-good movies that you can watch together.

Give Each Other A Makeover

This Mother’s Day, let your mom give you a makeover and doll you up like she used to and in return give your mom a makeover and make her feel like a diva that she is. Dress her up, do her makeup and hair and end the session with a nice photoshoot that both of you will enjoy and remember forever. You can also indulge in some DIY activities and make the make-up products you use at home with your mom. Check out the list of DIY make-up products here.

Play Board Games

Forget technology! Be a little old school and sit down to play some good old board games with your mom. Play board games ranging from Ludo to Monopoly or even desi games like Tic Tac Toe, Chowkabara, and Tiger And The Goat, there are so many cool games to check out and you need to order them. Check out the entire list of Desi Games here.

Take A Trip Down The Memory Lane

This Mother’s Day, sit down with your mom and listen to her stories and experiences that she has had in her life. While you are at it, pull out old pictures and relive those memories with your mom. Because after all, a picture speaks a thousand words. Go back in time with those pictures and see how much your mom also has grown into the woman that she is now.