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Your Furball Is Going To Dig The Organic Treats & Cakes From This Local Barkery

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What Makes It Awesome

Donuts, cupcakes, cakesicles and whole custom barkday cakes - that's right, wipe the drool off your furbaby's face (no, not yours because this is not for you) and make them truly happy with an order from Furball Barkery. Before that, be sure to thank dog-mom and founder, Roshani who's valid issue resulted in joy for the whole furry companions community. It was the lack of nutritious treats in the pet section of multiple stores that led to the discovery Furball Barkery. All that's available was full of preservatives and chemicals shares Roshani. And so, her journey in her little kitchen together with her "taste-inspectors" began. 

Roshani's goal with Furball Barkery is to make treats that won't just get your BFF super hyper (in a good way) but also secretly do good for them. The menu here uses only fresh and natural ingredients with a strict no preservatives and additives policy. Wait till your doggo hears what's on it - Doggie Desserts like Hard and Soft Donuts, Special Cakesicles, Cupcakes, and Peanut Butter Jars. Also available are Hard Oven Baked Treats like Liverdrool (ragi, liver & pb), AC Barkalona (apple, carrot, banana), Chilsea (chia seeds, fish, mint) and Frozen Treats or pawscream - The Berry Family (strawberry, banana, yoghurt), Brothsicle and Nutty Pumpkin. There are vegetarian and dairy-free options too.

The piéce de resistance at Furball Barkery of course, are the Dog Barkday Cakes. You or rather your furbaby gets to pick between 250gm, half or one kilo cakes that can be customised to flavour (ragi & chicken liver, chicken & coconut, apple & cinnamon, banana & peanut butter), shape (bone, paw, small dog, number, alphabet, heart) and colour. Basically, everything's a pawty here!


Prices start at INR 100. Note that all treats are baked to order, so make sure to reach out (click on Enquire Now) 48 hours in advance for cakes. Delivery charges are extra. No wheat is used in any of the treats and desserts. Instead, Furball Barkery uses a mix of gluten free flours, organic fruits, veggies or meats and hidden gems like turmeric root, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and many more to benefit your fur babies health. The colours used on the cake are organic too. All non-perishable treats are shipped pan-India, sometimes internationally too. 

Furball Barkery also has a little cafe space in Basavanagudi with regular burgers, pizzas and drinks and special, dedicated menu for doggos.