Ten-Second Takeaway

Boat and elephant safaris, eco-friendly luxury and a whole different side of Sri Lanka to be discovered in the centre of the island nation at Gal Oya Lodge. We found paradise, peeps!

Location, Location, Location

What do you do when you’ve lounged around the beaches of Bentota, hit up the capital city Colombo and relaxed at the tea gardens at Kandy before? You make your way to the hidden jungle canopy in the heart of Sri Lanka, to the quiet and almost forgotten Gal Oya National Park. The Gal Oya Lodge, a high-end resort, is located right at the park, is eco-friendly, and can be your home.

Live It Up

go for a luxy and wildlife trip to gal oya lodge in srilanka

Source: Gal Oya Lodge

Nine cottages dot the space, and the eco-warrior in us was pleased to know that all the materials are natural and sourced locally. So now we don’t feel guilty lapping up the luxury of the dreamy bungalows decked out in blue and white. Each cottage has floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors that open onto a private veranda. Throw in a bathroom with indoor and outdoor showers and you’ve got yourself a cosy set up for a honeymoon. If you want to splurge, book the two bedroom villa, set atop the highest point of the resort. Ah, the delight of reading a book on a fluffy sofa that overlooks the park! Or sitting with an iced tea on your bed, watching the sun, rise and set. Oh! And did we mention Arrack? No not the drink, the most loving dog who’ll be you in-house dose of ‘aaaw’. And well, maybe the drink too!

Outside The Canopy

Co-owners Tim Edwards and Sangjay Choegyal are always up and about planning excursions for guests. Think nature walks, proper hikes {Monkey Mountain is fantastic, but also pretty steep!} to see birds and animals in their natural habitat. The highlight though is watching elephants swim from island to island in the mighty Nigala River. Or opt for a boat safari, apparently the only one-of-its-kind in the country. If you really like to go local, then they’ll even arrange for a meeting with the Veddas, the aboriginal people. Then head home to learn the ropes of farming on an organic patch before you hit the cool waters of the swimming pool because we all know that it’s always warm in Sri Lanka!

So We’re Thinking…

If you’re looking for luxury in a rustic atmosphere where adventure meets swimming pool shenanigans, this place is your ideal spot.

Where: 31 km post Bibile, Ampara Road, Ampara, 51375 Galgamuwa, Sri Lanka

Price: INR 10,000 upwards per bungalow

Contact: +94 {0} 768424612

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