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Camp In Tents On The Banks Of The Beautiful River Kaveri At The Galibore Nature Camp


    Skip the cliche beach trip or the luxury staycation, and take the adventurous route instead with an old-school camp at Galibore Nature Camp, which is only a 100 kms away from the city. 

    The Nature Of Things

    A camp set with the Galibore hillock behind it, the Galibore Nature Camp is a treat for nature lovers. The place is surrounded by patches of forests and is on the banks of the flowing Kaveri. There’s plenty of biodiversity to admire here too and you should be able to spot birds like woodpeckers and the Indian Pitta, and even pretty dragonflies are all over the place. Whether you want to escape the crowds and take some time out or want to holiday with your squad or family, this nature camp should have something for everyone. Go on a weekday if you want to enjoy more privacy and avoid the weekend holidaying junta.

    Back To Basics

    Although a quiet and peaceful place, there’s plenty to do here from jungles treks to safari trails and nature walks to coracle rides and fishing. You can also take a dip in the Kaveri river close by if you wish. Run by Jungle Lodges & Resorts, an eco-tourism venture backed by the Karnataka Government, these unspoilt areas let you be one with nature. Even the tents here stick with the ‘back to basics’ theme of the camp as they’re simplistic, with a thatched roof over them, yet comfortable and neatly kept. There isn’t any electricity in the tents, except for a pedestal fan in a few of them, so brace yourselves and get ready to rough it out. We also saw a big hammock on the grounds that made us contemplate whether we should sleep inside the tents or just crash there. But the mosquitos buzzing around helped us sort that out pretty quick and we opted for the closed tents that kept them away.

    Community Living

    Mealtimes are regulated at the camp and everyone gathers round at their dining area called the Gol Ghar. Dinner is usually had around a bonfire with plenty of barbecued meat to go around. Vegetarian meals are served here too. We should warn you that there is close to no mobile network in the area, which means you will be truly cut off from the rest of the world. 

    The experience comes at a cost of INR 4,956 per head, including the tent with a twin-bed, the meals, a coracle ride and a guided trek. Don’t want to stay overnight at the campsite? A day visit will only cost you INR 2,360 per person, including the coracle ride, lunch and a guided trek, {it’s half the price for children between the ages of 5 and 12}.